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Creating a new contact

To create a new contact, click the New button { } on the Addressbook tool bar. The Edit Personal Information page is displayed. Select the addressbook for the contact from the Destination drop menu located at the upper-right corner. Enter the required field details. Click the "Save" button. The new contact is added to the selected addressbook.

The field descriptions for creating a new contact are provided in the following table:

Personal Information

Term Action
Name Attributes Enter the following details of the contact name:
  • Prefix to your name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix to your name

First Name and Last Name fields are mandatory. Prefix to your name, Middle Name, Suffix to your name can be left blank.

Full Name Enter the full name of the contact. Details typed in the 'Name Attributes' field will be automatically displayed in this text box.
Nickname Enter an alternative name. Click +, to add more than one alternative name.
Last Name Sort Override 
Birthday Enter the birth date of the contact or click the date picker icon to select a date.

E-mail Address

Term Action
Email Addresses Enter the e-mail address of the contact. Click +, to add more than one e-mail address.

Telephone Numbers

Term Action
Telephone Numbers Enter the telephone number of the contact. Also, select the category of the telephone number from the options corresponding to the telephone number. Click +, to add more than one telephone number.


Term Action
Street Address Enter the street name.
suite, apartment, etc. Enter the suite number and apartment of the contact address.
postoffice boxEnter the post office box number.
city Enter the name of city of the contact.
state/province Enter the state or province of the contact.
zip/postcode Enter the zip or postal code of the contact.
Country Enter the name of the country.
automake label Click to create a quick label from the address provided.
Click +, to add more than one contact address.

Work Information

Term Action
Company Name Enter the company name of the contact.
Job Title Enter the job title of the contact.
Job Classification Enter the role of the contact.
Division Structure Enter the department and division of the contact.

Miscellaneous Information

Term Action
Websites Enter the website URL's of the contact.
Timezone Enter the time zone of the contact.
Geographic Position Enter the geographic position of the location of the contact.
EMail Program Enter the e-mail program of the contact. For example: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express
Note Enter notes.
Privacy Keys  
Agents Click Create link to create agents for the contact. Agents are contacted in the absence of the prime contact.

vCard Information

Term Action
Access Classification Select the permission for the vCard access.
vCard Source URL Enter the URL of the vCard source
vCard Source Name Enter description for the vCard source URL.
External Unique ID Enter an unique id in the text box. This ID is used by external programs to identify this card.
Creator Program Enter the creator program of vCard such as; Outlook, Openwebmail, etc.

Custom Properties 

Term Action
Custom Name Name for the custom.
Custom values Enter the custom values.
Click +, to add more than one custom properties.

Adding files to a contact

You can add files to the contact from the choose a file type to add drop menu in the Add Files to Contact section. Enter the URL for the file in the text box or click the "browse" button to select the file that you want to add. Then click the "Add" button. The file is added to the contact.

Adding contact quickly

To add a contact quickly, enter the First Name, Last Name, Phone and E-mail address in the text boxes above the contact list. Click the "Quick Add" button. The contact details are added to the contact list.

Editing a contact

To edit a contact group, click the contact  link in the Contact List. The Edit Personal Information page is displayed. Edit the required details and click the "Save".

Deleting a contact

To delete a contact, select the To check box corresponding to the contact you want to delete in the Contact List. Select the -Delete- option from the drop menu located at upper-right corner and then click the "Move" button. The contact is deleted from the addressbook.


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